Speaking -Sample Phrases and Sentences
Low Beginning
Simple Action Verbs in Sentences
I work in a post office
Are you a letter carrier? No, I'm a postal clerk.
Greg works in a bank.
Is he a teller? Yes, he is.
Mr. Park works at Millard's
Is he a cook? No, he's a waiter.
Sarah lives in New York.
Is she from Albany? No, she's from Troy.
They live in Washington.
Are they senators? No, they aren't.
We study at Stanford. Are you business students?
Yes, we are.
I eat breakfast at 8:00 a.m.
What do you eat? (I eat) eggs, bacon, and toast.
She goes to work at 9:00.
Where does she work? In the cafeteria.
Eddy plays baseball every Friday.
Where does he play? At the gym.
Jenny starts class at 10:00.
When does she finish? At 6:00.
I come here every afternoon.
Why? To study.
I don't drink beer.
Why (not)? I don't like it.

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