Speaking Lesson Plans
Pres Con Sentence Guessing Activity
Champagne Story - a communicative story creation exercise
Directions Lesson Using Jazz Chants
Disaster Island - an environment lesson
Discussion Lesson Plan
Exploring the World of Electronic Devices
Everyday Objects Come to Life
First World Debate Lesson
If I Could Be an Inventor
Improve Warm-Up Blind Stalker
Lesson Plan - Have a meeting to decide the location of a new shipping center
Just the Job
Media Debates
New Identity
Occupation please?
Opinion Icebreaker
Personal Complaints - a theatre games roleplay
Shopping Spree Lesson
Speaking Activity Talking Cards
Speaking Now or Forever Hold
Speaking Syllabus
Superlative Island
Sounds Intriguing - using interpretation of sound to create a story
Student Centered Review
Ten Conversation Lessons
Tic Tac Toe for Routines
Tour Guide Activity
Truth/Lie Game
Truth/Lie Lesson Plan
Visual/Kinesthetic Shapes/Textures
Visual Icebreaker
Wall Maps and Gerunds Methods for Learning
When Do I Talk to Myself?
Which school do we choose from ? - lesson plan
Who am I?
World Geography Roleplay

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